Importance of Bike Fitting for Happy Riding!

Cycling is a form of cardio exercise, where just one hour of cycling can actually help you to burn a lot of calories. Not only has this, due to its properties of increasing or enhancing the blood circulation in our legs, cycling given a lot of benefits to people. A lot of people with a knee injury have been advised to take just one hour of cycling. But, what if the cycle that you chose to pedal has certain specific instructions to follow, moreover which you specifically choose to ignore?

People shouldn’t ride bikes poorly set up for them,this is because riding an poor set up one can result in a lot of dire consequences. One of the consequences is that getting an affliction or a lifelong injury can make you altogether unfit to perform a lot of tasks. And trust us, nobody would like to get injured or live with the same, not only it is mentally overwhelming but also tiring as well. Furthermore, paddling that is of not correct measurements become a lot harder to paddle or even pull along another minute. Often a bike when manufactured comes in a lot of standard sizes, but it also comes with a facility to get it to customize or change the same according to our body measurements. Therefore, you should consult someone who is known to provide you with the bike fit solutions.

And for the same purpose, a lot of people may even know the science of turning the bolts or nuts or fixing the bike. But, can you do the same as the professionals? We guess not. This is why, it is advised to contact or consult a bike fitting service provider because he is well aware of the procedure to fix or correct a bike. And in case, you are actually seeking the one, and then you should contact The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI). It is a reliable name that is known to offer their customerswith the exemplary or the state-of-the-art bike fitting service. In case you are looking for an experienced bike fitter, then it allows you to search one as well. And in any case, you want to contact them you can visit their official website.

About The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI):

The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) is a name that can offer their customers with the best bike fit services and training.

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Give Your Professional Bike Best Fit with International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI)

The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) is an institution that helps you give your bike the fit that it requires. Professional bikers put a lot of time and efforts and scientifically churn their brain to make sure that their bike fir is adequate and not even an inch short of perfection. The meaning of bike fitting is often complicated but the meaning of it is rather simple. bike fit refers to the marrying of the rider and the bike components in such a manner that the rider is able to achieve maximum comfort, power and safety at the same time. The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) believes that changing to a balanced fit can completely change a rider’s experience.


At The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI), they understand that every biker is different with different riding styles, and use their research to personalize every rider’s experience. The various characteristics taken into consideration are gender, body type, age, injuries, flexibility of the rider and goals. Professional bike fitting with The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) in a customized way is a personalized experience rather. Professional fitters, with the best knowledge, equipment and technology give you a different experience altogether that you love to take and they love to give.

They have internationally certified fitters who put their best foot forward for the bike fitting service . You can find the nearest ones from their website’s database. They have a world level reputation with premium bike fitters under them or registered with them. The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) is helping its clients in avoiding accidents and common cycling injuries with the help of a good bike fit. A good fit to your professional bike may also treat your everlasting complains of knee pain or back pain.

The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) is an international organization that has developed a global standard in the field of bike fitting. The best part about them is that they are a non- profit organization which means that they have more of welfare tendencies rather than profit making. This international recognition holding company is looked after by some of the world’s bike fitters and other bike fitting experts. Not only this, The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) is under the watch of industry’s leading organizations and educational institutes. They aim for perfection and deliver the best they can.

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Reasons Why You Should Opt For Bike Fitting?

High-quality bikes can be expensive but they are an investment worth making as they can be incredibly important in achieving a comfortable and pleasant ride. Although, many cyclists encounter aching joints after riding the bike for just a few miles. Many people naturally assume that this pain and the numbness they feel is normal but it is not so in reality. It potentially means that you don't fit well on your bike and that your bike needs adjustments. Many riders have been told some basic pointers about positioning on a bike. But, a good fit is more than just standing over the frame comfortably and reaching the pedals. Bike fit is about the synchronisation of biker and bicycle to accomplish the most comfortable, powerful, productive, and safe riding position possible.

Everyone can get benefits from a bike fit - from recreational bikers who hit the streets for fun to copmetitive cyclists looking to upgrade their performance. A professional bike fitting takes many things into account such as mobility, flexibility, and muscle imbalances. Contemporary technological advancements have made the process simpler and more individualised than ever before. Some factors to consider while undergoing a professional bike fitting are:

It’s not Solely About the Bike – Two people of same stature and weight can have largely different bike fits. Their flexibility, pace and riding pattern helps in determining their bike fit.

Get the Bike Fit First – New bikers choose the bike’s model first and then get fitted. On the contrary, you should get bike fit first at a bike store and then they would recommend the brand and size that suits you the best.

Be Comfortable – To be able to transfer your energy efficiently, you must be comfortable on your bike. If you’re uncomfortable you won’t be 100% efficient. Thus, proper bike fit is necessary to attain the comfort zone. 

Refitting is Essential – If you lose or gain some weight, or your riding pattern or flexibility has changed, you need a refitting to be more efficient.

If you want to know about the certified bike fitters of your area, you can visit The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI). They are revolutionising the bike fitting industry by providing an internationally-recognised accreditation scheme to train the bike fitters.

About The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI):

The International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) is an international organisation that provides professional training in bike fitting Derby, and helps the riders to find the best bike fitter of their area.

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